A Leading wellness company has the perennial pressure to market their products and maintain parallel profits. They have a wide range of products from edible goods to cosmeceutical stuff. Their daily business operations include managing sales targets, tracking sales, monitoring activities and managing finances.


All the operations were manually operated – from target allocation to sales

The documentation was also done manually and lacked a proper authentication mechanism. Sharing of information between salespeople and tracking their activities was difficult.

Reporting daily sales activities needed a stable & trustworthy mechanism.

Computing secondary sales statistics was a cumbersome process involving manual review and verification of records.

This was the hole from which the system was seeping profit.


MyBMS Provides a cloud based business management solution to automate existing business processes and enable real-time sharing of information within organization.

The system enables managers to allocate sales targets to employees and evaluate outcome.

Notification can be sent to employees about their assignment.

Employees can manage their targets and activities in the system.

Salespeople can report their daily sales through mobile phones.

Notification is issued in case a salesperson has missed his sales report.

Managers can view employee’s actual and indicate route.

The management can track employee performance real-time and view various reports.

System dynamically calculates sale of different products and computes primary and secondary sales figures.

Employee incentives can be calculated based on set parameters.


Streamline sales management

Efficient target allocation

Automated data analysis

Real-time sales tracking

Monitor calls and geo-location

Manage product catalog

Conduct marketing campaigns

Evaluate collection and expenses

Compute employee incentives